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We hired Mike in the Summer of 2019 to tear down and build a new home for us in Summit. He has years of experience and takes pride in his work--which is truly rare today. The depth of his construction knowledge is remarkable as well as his understanding of all of the other aspects of a project--including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. Mike is courteous, honest, reliable, and cost-effective and goes out of his way to exceed the expectations of his clients. Throughout the entire process, he was easy to work with and very responsive and accessible. He is a first-class builder who produces a quality product and we highly recommend him for any type of project big or small.


Dorothy and Tony

Summit, NJ

We used Cardone Contracting over 10 years ago for our residential knockdown and new construction project in Summit. We were somewhat overwhelmed by our first major construction project and we were very fortunate to work with Michael Cardone. Michael is courteous, honest, reliable, and cost-effective. He goes out of his way to exceed the expectations of his clients. We always recommend his company to our friends for renovation and new construction projects and are thrilled to see how successful and respected he has become in our community. My wife still contacts Michael concerning referrals and recommendations for the house and we consider him an "extended member" of our family.


- Peter and Susan 
Summit, NJ

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We had such a good experience with Mike and his team, so much so, that we used them five years later for another project. Their craftsmanship, timeliness, responsiveness, and follow-up were all so terrific, and from other stories, we hear, very unusual. Equally as important was the fact that we (along with our two young kids) lived in our house during the renovation, and they were accommodating, respectful, and clean. Needless to say, we would highly recommend Cardone Contracting, and would certainly use them again.


- Jeff and Collyn 
Summit, NJ

Cardone Contracting did an exceptional job on our home construction project. Their planning, construction knowledge and consideration to detail overcame the difficulty of our project. Additionally, they stuck to our proposed budget and timeframe which was critical in coordinating with other work. We could not be any happier with the final results! We highly recommend Mike and Cardone Contracting.


- John and Tina 
Summit, NJ


Mike does great work and builds beautiful houses. He is justifiably proud of his work and gives it his all. And he is incredibly reliable and responsive. During the building process, he was always accessible and always easy to work with. But the most surprising thing has been in the five years since we bought the house. We can't count the times he has come by to check on things, to help whenever there is an issue, and to make sure we are getting what we need. He has become a trusted friend of the family and someone we would recommend (and have recommended many times) to friends and anyone considering a building project.


- Lori and Barry 
Summit, NJ

I can give my wholehearted recommendation for Michael Cardone and his construction team. He handled the renovation of about 2000 sqft of my home and the construction of 1200 sqft of new space. The house was built in 1886 and tackling the renovation work involved several unforeseen challenges that Michael handled for us like the experienced professional builder that he is. The renovation and new rooms came out better than our original plans because Mike was so good at working with us on adjustments along the way. It's been about five years now that we've been able to enjoy our new living space, and we truly appreciate the good work that Michael did to make it come out so well.


- Charles and Sally 
Summit, NJ

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