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What We Do

At Cardone Contracting we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind luxury homes that not only look beautiful but meet your personal lifestyle needs in practical ways. Our team of experienced master craftsmen, along with our honest, hands-on approach, turn the ordinary into the elegant and make your dreams come to life.

The cornerstone of our business is getting to know and understand you so that in turn we can create a home for you that is an extension of who you are as a family. We work hard to bring your ideas to life even if at first the task looks impossible we will leave no stone unturned to create an elegant solution.

We feel it’s important to closely guide you in the process of home construction, so our project managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.


Custom New Home Construction

A new home construction project opens you to a world of possibilities. Whilst this is very exciting it can often be daunting and overwhelming. Mike Cardone's years of experience and attention to detail will help guide you through the possibilities and create a custom home that is an ideal balance between luxury and practical styling that works with your family.

Luxury Renovation

A major home renovation project can be a disruptive endeavor. We understand the stresses and are respectful of your family life. We work hard to minimize the disruption by strategically planning around your schedule. Regular workplace cleaning and proper dust guards limit the amount of dust that might make its way into your home. Our team of craftsmen is courteous and conscientious of the surroundings while working in your home.

Interior Renovation

Clever design and thoughtful use of space combined with exquisite detailing is a signature of Cardone Contracting. Attention to the small details, is what sets our master craftsmen apart. We are noted in the industry for our fine wood paneling and custom trim work.

Custom Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling your home allows you to retain your home's natural character while adding modern features that improve the practical usage. Our remodeling projects enhance the look of your home and are designed around your family's practical lifestyle.

Exterior Alterations

Whenever we work on the exterior of a home, we always pay close attention to the current styling. Our additions match closely or complement the existing architecture so that the end result looks in keeping with the surroundings. Roof lines, building materials, and color choices all play a big part in the seamless integration of new and old.

As well as additions to the exterior of your home, we can also overhaul a tired looking home with a new facade that radically improves the curb appeal and enhances the beauty of your house.

We can finish with exquisite landscaping, hardscaping, pools, pool houses, patios, retaining walls, and outdoor kitties that are designed for long-term growth and maturity, and not just short-term effect.

Spec Homes

In order to keep our skills at the highest levels and our designs at the cutting edge of current trends, we build several spec homes that allow us to flex our creative muscles and show off our talents. Our inventory of spec homes changes from year to year, but if you are looking for a home that other builders will try to copy, full of useful features and finished with exquisite detailing, then contact us to see what current spec homes are available.

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